Collaboration will expand appraisers’ capabilities, enabling them to easily incorporate DCF calculations into their reports

SAN DIEGO (November 15, 2022) — Valcre, the premier appraisal platform for the commercial real estate industry, today announced the launch of a new software integration with Rockport VAL™, which will provide Valcre’s clients with seamless access to Rockport VAL’s industry-leading valuation and modeling tools.

This API will expand the capabilities of Valcre clients, enabling them to conduct discounted cash flow modeling (DCF) with Rockport VAL and easily integrate the calculation results into their appraisal reports.

For Valcre, this integration underscores the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end software for the appraisal industry that creates efficiencies at every stage of the process. Founded in 2016, Valcre is the commercial real estate appraisal industry’s premier software product, empowering users with a more organized, efficient and intelligent path to access prior jobs and produce and present their work. By offering integrations with external data providers and customized report templates, Valcre dramatically reduces friction and streamlines various manual tasks associated with the traditional appraisal process, freeing up professionals’ bandwidth to focus on true value-add efforts and enabling them to focus on the analysis of real estate.

“Over the past few years, our traction within the appraisal industry has increased significantly, and we’re constantly looking to add new features and integrations to further streamline our clients’ daily workflow,” said Valcre CEO Lucas Rotter. “At the core of Valcre is a database that provides easy access to all of a firm’s past jobs, but the ability to integrate with external technology — data sources, valuation software and reporting templates — bolsters the value we provide our clients. By providing seamless access to Rockport VAL’s DCF software, we’re helping appraisers, assessors, and valuation professionals across the country. Not only are we offering users access to a robust DCF technology, but now even appraisers who had never before provided these valuations will be equipped with a DCF platform, expanding their toolbox and enabling them to better serve their clients.”

Rockport VAL’s cloud-based technology is one of the market’s most widely utilized cloud-based modeling and valuation platforms for the commercial real estate industry, and is utilized by brokers, owners, appraisers, and lenders across the country. This powerful integration will simplify the workflow of many of the firm’s appraisal clients, enabling them to share DCF results directly in reports generated by Valcre.

“Rockport VAL is committed to the seamless integration with proprietary client solutions and other SaaS platforms to create a CRE ecosystem for our customers,” said VAL Director of Product Development, Derek Dobson. “The Valcre integration is yet another example of building a better mousetrap for our collective clients and provides the industry a fully integrated report writing tool, affording some appraisers the economies of scale that were previously only available to multinational service firms.”

About Valcre

Valcre is the premier appraisal software solution for the commercial real estate industry. The platform offers appraisers a singular tool that simplifies job and client management, allowing them to save countless hours by providing access to prior jobs, historical data and comps. Valcre also features integrations with a wide range of external data providers, incorporating key second-party data directly into the appraiser’s daily workflow. With customized templates for generating reports and a cloud-based system that enables an entire firm to work collaboratively, Valcre modernizes the appraisal process dramatically, giving firms of all sizes an instant and lasting competitive advantage.

Founded in 2016, the company has amassed a client base that includes Duff & Phelps, Apprise by Walker & Dunlop, and NAI Partners. For the latest news from Valcre, visit or follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

About Rockport VAL, LLC

Rockport VAL, LLC (“Rockport VAL”) is a customer and industry driven commercial real estate technology company that equips the fast-paced world of underwriting, cash flow modeling and commercial property valuation with a modern and reliable cloud-based platform. Leveraging a team with decades of expertise in commercial real estate and technology, VAL was built in response to the industry’s need for a technologically advanced SaaS platform for discounted cash flow valuation, maximized collaboration and ease of use while ensuring optimum accuracy and security.

To learn more about VAL or sign up for a free trial visit, email or call (212) 603-5866.