Tailored white-glove service for Valcre’s commercial real estate appraisers.
Boosts platform use via appraisal report support, research, data entry, and expert assistants for tasks like property research, zoning analysis, tax info, and local area study.

Our team

Josiah Wise

Valcre Assist Research Manager

Adriana Gastelumendi

Valcre Assist Operations Specialist

Nathalie Chavez

Valcre Assist Senior Researcher

Sara Robles

Valcre Assist Senior Researcher

Adriana Garcia

Valcre Assist Researcher

Miguel Garfias

Valcre Assist Researcher

Josselyn Villogas

Valcre Assist Researcher

Ariana Juárez

Valcre Assist Researcher

Our mission

Valcre Assist’s mission is to create lasting partnerships and to collaborate in the maintenance and growth of a superlative, industry-leading appraisal support service.




Accelerate your company’s growth



Manage costs and use Valcre Assist only when you need to


Risk free

Increase production ability without hiring a full time trainee

Services included

Complete delivery

  • Job record
  • Property records
  • Research files
  • Completed templates

Collection & entry

  • Property and site
  • Ownership and sales
  • Taxes and zoning
  • Demographics

Templates and reports

  • Initial setup and review
  • Data import and entry
  • Maps and drawings
  • Local area analysis

What is Valcre Assist ?

Valcre Assist is a recommended white-glove service uniquely designed for commercial real estate appraisers and exclusively available to Valcre users.

  • Seasoned CRE researchers available for multiple projects
  • Front-end report assistance with 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Property research and comparable data entry
  • Data extraction from PDFs, datasheets and other sources
  • Available as-needed or with discounted subscriptions

Valcre Assist is a service available to all subscription tiers.