Who they are


River City Enterprises, LLC is a trusted source in Richmond, Virginia a full-service boutique real estate company that offers a verity of real estate services. Eugene, a Certified Appraiser for nearly two decades, Real Estate Developer and Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Virginia, was craving a new challenge.

In the last two months, they have made the shift to expand their business to include services to those in commercial real estate. This addition stemmed from Eugene Thomas’ motivation to penetrate the commercial market.

Eugene, a Certified Appraiser for nearly two decades, Real Estate Developer/Class A Contractor and Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Virginia, was craving a new challenge. Eugene found the complexity of commercial properties especially compelling and wanted to add another tool to his toolkit.

River City has commercial and residential appraisers within the firm.

What they do


As the finish line of his appraisal training approaches, Eugene wanted to set himself up for long term success with a solution to support the beginning stages of his official work as a commercial appraiser and produce better quality reports for years to come.

Eugene researched technology options that could help him accomplish this and determined that Valcre was the most robust option on the market. No other software was as user-friendly or easy to navigate. After a few reports, Eugene was ready to enlist the help of Valcre Assist to knock out the front end tasks.

Valcre Assist helps Eugene save time and money. He leverages Valcre Assist on the front end tasks like researching basic property and demographic information on a subject property, which helps him significantly cut down the time it takes to complete his report. By the time Eugene gets the Excel template back from Valcre Assist, its just a matter of him selecting his comparables and cleaning up the report.

He also saves costs because working with Valcre Assist is like having your own assistant without actually having to hire someone. He doesn’t have to worry about what to do if there isn’t enough work coming in because he can use Valcre Assist on a project-to-project basis.

So, that helped from a time perspective of ensuring Valcre Assist pulls in all of the information so he doesn’t have to and the best part for him is the files Valcre Assist builds are all automatically synced in the same system.

With Valcre Assist, Eugene:

Produces higher quality reports in a quicker fashion. By leveraging Valcre Assist, he makes good time on deadlines, feels less constrained on time and minimizes the human error that comes with doing mundane tasks quickly and under pressure.

Since starting with Valcre and Valcre Assist, Eugene has recommended the platform to the colleague who has been training him. He knows Valcre’s robust software could lessen the time his colleague spends completing a report, doing research, gathering info, inputting it and making adjustments.


Valcre Assist saves smaller shops like mine a ton of time. They help you to produce a high quality product in a quicker time. At times I feel like I’m in the matrix where I’m spinning my wheels on reports, but in the background Valcre Assist is getting a lot of the work done which puts my mind at ease.” Eugene Thomas – Real Estate Broker, Developer, Class A Contractor & Appraiser at River City Enterprises, LLC