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Episode 7
Tech innovations in Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is a topic of significant importance today. Infrastructure development initiatives have surged, driving demand for eminent domain proceedings nationwide. Additionally, evolving legal standards have increased the complexity of many cases, leading to involved and extended litigation processes.  

Wondering how to streamline your business and drive efficiency amidst these challenges and increased opportunities? Tune in to Opinions of Value for insights.

During this episode, you will learn:

  • The significance of Eminent Domain as a sector
  • The impacts of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act on the market
  • The pivotal role of technology for valuation professionals
  • Valuable tips to thrive when the funding hits

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Learn how to specialize in Eminent Domain appraisals

Episode 6
Property tax appeals in a changing CRE market

As we head into recessionary economic conditions for commercial, appraisal and valuation professionals are adapting to the changing environment by diversifying their services to generate revenue. With demand for transaction-related services on the decline, we expect to see a substantial increase in demand for property tax appeal in the foreseeable future.

Do you want to know how to do successful property tax appeals? Tune in to Opinions of Value to find out.

In this episode you will learn why property tax appeals are such a prominent segment of the CRE industry and what experts are seeing in terms of activity level for property tax appeals.

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Episode 5
Women in CRE Appraisal

The appraisal industry is in dire need of diversification. Studies continue to reveal that the appraisal workforce is dominated by men, while women remain underrepresented, especially in leadership positions.

What progress is being made to further diversify the appraisal profession? On this very special episode of Opinions of Value, series host and Valcre CEO and Co-Founder, Lucas Rotter, is joined by three indisputable leaders in the appraisal industry.

Tune in to learn about what led them to a career in the appraisal industry, some of the challenges they’ve faced and what steps they and their organizations are taking to ensure the appraisal workforce is more equitable and diverse.

Want to know recommended programs, resources and networks for women in commercial appraisal? Click here.

Episode 4
State of the appraisal market

As we near the end of a transformative year and talks of a looming recession are in the air, this episode is a must for you to tune in. The appraisal industry is more susceptible to business disruptions during economic downturns.

Do you want to know what leaders within the appraisal industry are seeing and what strategic moves they’re making?

We’ve got you covered with invaluable insights from three indisputable industry leaders who discuss the current state of the real estate appraisal industry and share their actionable insights on how you and your team can be on top of your game during this uncertain time.

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Episode 3:
Technology adoption in commercial real estate appraisals

Companies within the appraisal service industry are adopting new technology and ways of doing business. It is well known that there are different competitive advantages when it comes to leveraging industry technology. Oftentimes, adopting the new technology cuts down on the time it takes to process data, and provides critical pieces of information to the client.

Episode 2:
The future of office

The sector has experienced its fair share of disruption, and office owners, investors, and financiers continue to read the tea leaves to assess if occupier demand will ever return to pre-pandemic levels. Now, we’re finally starting to see the dust settle and for some, optimism is beginning to fade.

Episode 1:
Valuing commercial real estate during a global pandemic

Valcre is excited to announce that we’ve launched a new video series called “Opinions of Value” where we have real conversations with thought leaders about topics affecting our industry. Our CEO and series host Lucas Rotter will sit down with new guest speakers each episode to talk about trends, the future of the industry, and more.

Demand for valuation professionals is at an all-time high and commercial real estate appraisers are taking on more jobs and working longer hours as a result.

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