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In today’s digital age, many companies have embraced remote work as a viable option. However, few have truly mastered the art of fostering human connection and camaraderie in a fully remote setting. Valcre, a cutting-edge technology company revolutionizing the appraisal industry, stands as a shining example of how remote work can enhance teamwork, collaboration, and global connections.

Embracing remote work from the start

Unlike many businesses that transitioned to remote work due to external circumstances, Valcre has been fully remote from its inception. This deliberate choice has allowed the company to build a work culture that thrives on flexibility, trust, and meaningful connections despite the geographical distances that separate its teammates. Much of Valcre’s team growth this year has been fueled by a successful $12.7 million in Series A funding.

A global team, three continents, one mission

Valcre boasts a diverse team of talented professionals spread across three different continents. From North America to South America, to Europe, Valcre’s team members are united by their shared passion for innovation and their commitment to revolutionizing the appraisal industry. Peru happens to be where the highest concentration of Valcre teammates are. Despite the physical distance, they have forged strong bonds and have discovered unique ways to connect on both personal and professional levels. Regular all-hands calls and engaging lunch and learn get togethers further strengthen team bonds and allow discussions on company-wide goals, better understanding of Valcre product and services offerings, and opportunities and challenges facing the appraisal industry and the commercial real estate industry at large.

Nurturing human connection

At Valcre, fostering human connection goes beyond virtual meetings and email exchanges. The team understands the importance of face-to-face interactions and makes it a priority to meet up whenever possible. Whether it’s through team retreats, conferences, impromptu get togethers, or planned trips, Valcre teammates seize every opportunity to come together in person, strengthening their relationships and deepening their connection.

Building trust and collaboration

Remote work often brings challenges related to trust and collaboration. However, Valcre has cultivated a culture of trust from the start. Regular communication channels, including video conferences, Slack, and project management tools, ensure seamless collaboration and effective information sharing. Team members are encouraged to openly express their ideas, concerns, and suggestions, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels innovation.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion

Valcre’s remote work environment has allowed the company to attract talent from various cultural backgrounds and perspectives. This diversity enriches the team’s collective knowledge and enables them to approach challenges with a broader range of insights. Valcre celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and recognizes that diversity drives creativity and innovation.

Valcre’s success as a fully remote company showcases the enduring power of human connection, even in a digital world. By embracing remote work from the start, Valcre has demonstrated that geographical boundaries need not limit collaboration, teamwork, and a sense of belonging. Through their commitment to nurturing human connections, Valcre has created a thriving work environment where innovation flourishes and teammates genuinely care for one another. As remote work continues to gain traction, Valcre serves as a beacon of inspiration for companies seeking to cultivate meaningful connections in a virtual landscape.