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Valcre client testimonials

Avison Young

Avison Young, a leading commercial real estate appraisal firm, faced inefficiencies and redundant processes in their operations. They sought a solution to streamline workflows and improve collaboration, leading them to adopt Valcre’s comprehensive software platform.

With Valcre’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface, Avison Young achieved remarkable efficiency gains of 25% to 35%. The platform’s success resulted in widespread adoption, with an impressive 95% usage in Canada and expansion to the United States.

Valcre has become an integral part of Avison Young’s success, contributing significantly to their operational excellence and continued growth in the industry.

Driving success with Valcre: Avison Young’s winning formula.

Avison Young’s adoption of Valcre has been a game-changer, enabling us to overcome challenges, streamline our appraisal processes, and achieve remarkable results. Valcre’s comprehensive platform has empowered Avison Young to drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and fuel our expansion across the Americas.”
Matthew McWatters
AACI, P.App, Avison Young


GTRE Commercial Valuation & Advisory Services, a team of real estate experts, adopted Valcre’s comprehensive software platform to address pain points related to inefficiencies and limitations in their previous appraisal software.

The need to eliminate manual data entry and redundant work, as well as the sudden shutdown of their former database, drove GTRE to seek a more efficient and reliable solution.

With Valcre, they found a platform that streamlined their processes, improved efficiency significantly, and empowered their appraisers, ultimately alleviating the pain points that previously hindered their competitive edge.

Greg Hewitt’s Valcre triumph:
Empowering growth & efficiency

“I’m really excited to be using Valcre’s premier valuation software. The transition has been smooth and I keep discovering more built in features that add value. We are excited about increasing efficiency and the opportunity to expand by leveraging all of Valcre’s features.
Greg Hewitt
MAI, Principal GTRE Commercial Valuation & Advisory Services

Archstone Appraisal Group

Archstone Appraisal Group, a real estate valuation firm, achieved success with Valcre’s turnkey system. The platform facilitated a seamless transition to a paperless practice, allowing them to capitalize on existing appraisal work and rapidly expand their team.

Valcre’s user-friendly interface and report production system, along with responsive support, contributed to their growth and efficiency. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Valcre played a vital role in enabling remote work and maintaining workflow.

Archstone Appraisal Group highly recommends Valcre for its efficiency and suitability for the future of the appraisal industry.

Valcre Team’s Client-Centric Approach: Listening and Adapting

“Overall, the Valcre team is very responsive to anything I’ve needed. They work to turn it around quickly and consistently exceed my expectations. They are always interested in my feedback on the software and feedback about how to make it better. I feel like they really listen to their clients. They also do a good job of walking a line between flexibility and speed.”
Ashton Rowles
MAI, MRICS of Archstone Appraisal Group

Cash Gill and Associates

Cash Gill and Associates is a thriving St. Louis-based appraisal business led by Cash Gill, who started the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. They faced several pain points with their previous software,

Narrative1, which led them to switch to Valcre. Valcre’s comprehensive platform played a crucial role in the company’s success, addressing the pain points Gill faced with his previous software, Narrative1. Valcre’s Excel and Word integrations, online platform, and advanced analysis tools enabled Gill to deliver high-quality reports faster and at a lower cost, giving his business a competitive edge.

Valcre’s prompt customer service and efficient workflow management further contributed to Cash Gill and Associates’ growth and ability to meet deadlines effectively.

Appraisals Made Easy: Valcre’s Time-Saving Advantage

“With Valcre I can do one appraisal in two or three days, cutting at least a day, maybe two off of an appraisal.”. Narrative1 is what I used before; it took probably 25-30 percent longer to do it in Narrative1 than it does in Valcre.”
Cash Gill
MAI of Cash Gill and Associates

Bell Ferris Real Estate Appraisal

Bell Ferris Real Estate Appraisal, a 50-year-old Louisville-based company, experienced significant improvements after switching from DataComp and RealQuantum to Valcre.

As a commercial appraisal firm, they faced inefficiencies with their previous software, lacking functionalities like efficient data searches and analysis. The transition to Valcre, which was smooth and quick, allowed them to save 15-20 percent of report-writing time and significantly improved their data management, map searches, and data export processes.

With Valcre’s online platform, Bell Ferris Real Estate Appraisal experienced enhanced efficiency and productivity in their appraisal processes. Jason Ferris, the owner, praises Valcre for being a valuable tool that has contributed to their success as a commercial real estate appraisal firm.

Valcre vs. Datacomp: The Time Advantage of an All-in-One Platform

“As appraisers, time is our commodity. As far as how much time I save with Valcre, I would say that on average I probably save 15-20 percent on my reports. Compared to using Datacomp, the fact that I now have all of the sets in one place through Valcre, like the land sales or the multi-family sales and I can just click one button to get the map is a huge time saver.”
Jason L Ferris
MAI, SRA of Bell Ferris Real Estate Appraisal