Who they are


GTRE Commercial Valuation & Advisory Services is a team of real estate experts who provide valuation related services to clients such as mortgage lenders, financial institutions, government agencies, attorneys and financial planners as well as owners and other consumers. Their mission is to empower our clients by providing the best quality research and analysis to offer a trustworthy, relevant and valid opinion of value.

The inspiration behind adopting Valcre was to create efficiencies. The program GTRE had been using required hand-entering into the database and wasn’t working very efficiently. GTRE decided they needed to do something to make it so that their appraisers weren’t ready to jump ship every time they do a job. 

Their previous platform informed them they were shutting their database down with very short notice. At first, GTRE was only leveraging Valcre’s database and not the report-writing features. GTRE has their own proprietary report-writing technology that they built. When the database they were using became suddenly unavailable, they turned to Valcre.

Moving to Valcre’s database from their old system proved slightly challenging in that it was difficult to carry over the information they had in their former system to Valcre. They had to start inserting comparables into Valcre’s system from scratch. At the same time, they realized they were doing a lot of rekeying of info from Valcre’s database into their proprietary report-writing software. It was at that point that GTRE decided to really take a look at Valcre’s report-writing features. 

The team had a trial period of a couple months and decided from an efficiency standpoint to go for it. GTRE reports that it’s been “amazing.”

What they do


GTRE started with a professional subscription but eventually outgrew that subscription plan. They discovered they wanted the hospitality offering and upgraded their Valcre plan to Enterprise.

The team has continued expansion plans. From a company standpoint they have goals to bring on more appraisers to keep growing the business. One of GTRE’s main attractions to Valcre was that the software would allow them a greater ability to train people. State-of-the-art technology is a huge priority for GTRE.

Adopting Valcre is enabling GTRE to explore moving administrative responsibilities in house. Because of Valcre they are now able to accomplish tasks such as invoicing, tracking receivables, tracking what’s been paid and providing reports using Valcre’s software. Valcre’s integrations have been key for GTRE.

The GTRE team has nine users currently using Valcre with plans to expand soon. The team is enthusiastic about learning and Valcre’s support team has been on board with helping train GTRE’s Valcre users. 

GTRE reports that training is going well and that the live chat has been a tremendous help during the onboarding process. One of GTRE’s users reports that everytime they ask Valcre’s live chat a question, they get an answer back within a few minutes. 

GTRE’s partners are especially excited about Valcre’s onsite inspection app packed with features like automatic photo upload for CRE appraisers on the go.

With Valcre, GTRE:

Immediately started noticing efficiencies. They feel secure and have peace of mind knowing that Valcre is taking care of their data and protecting it to the highest degree. They have nine current users working in Valcre with plans to continue expanding their team and honing their practice to stay competitive in the market.


I’m really excited to be using Valcre’s premier valuation software. The transition has been smooth and I keep discovering more built in features that add value. We are excited about increasing efficiency and the opportunity to expand by leveraging all of Valcre’s features.” – Greg Hewitt, MAI, Principal GTRE Commercial Valuation & Advisory Services

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