Valcre, the premier valuation software for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals, recently hosted an exclusive continuing education course in Western Pennsylvania. This highly anticipated event, in partnership with the Appraisal Institute and CCIM Institute, aimed to equip professionals with the latest techniques and tools to tackle valuation challenges and deliver high-quality reports. The CE course, led by Mark Vella – Valcre’s Senior Software Engineer, included spotlights on the impact of technology as it relates to efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the valuation process.


The event catered to a smaller, intimate crowd comprising a diverse range of professionals, including residential agents, mortgage brokers, review appraisers, investors, commercial real estate appraisers, property managers, and representatives from the Appraisal Institute. Notably, some attendees had also contributed to the recent LDAC event in Washington D.C. along with Valcre’s CEO Lucas Rotter.

Participants were captivated by the insightful content, particularly the discussion on Valcre’s inspection app, which generated significant interest. Mark Vella expertly guided the attendees through the course, highlighting the ways in which technology has revolutionized the valuation profession. In addition to a discussion focused on the current technology available to CRE professionals, attendees were also introduced to the drawbacks of slow adoption compared to the advantages of effective and streamlined processes brought about by the use of technology.


This was an excellent pilot opportunity for Valcre to author as well as present course material specifically designed for this special event as evidenced by the positive response from the attendees. This demonstrates the success of the course and confirms Valcre’s commitment to enhancing the education and development of CRE professionals. As a result, Valcre is now on the list of approved providers to offer this course to other CRE professionals in the future, expanding its impact within the profession.

Following the CE course, a vibrant happy hour provided attendees with the chance to engage in insightful conversations about Valcre and its innovative appraisal tools. The attendees displayed a keen interest, with many asking questions and expressing curiosity about Valcre’s offerings. Notably, an attendee from JP Morgan Chase expressed excitement about the potential for banks to utilize Valcre’s software, highlighting its relevance to a wide range of CRE professionals.


Valcre was able to demonstrate its commitment as the leader in providing solutions to CRE professionals by authoring, presenting and sponsoring this continuing education course. Equipping appraisers with the latest technology and industry insights, Valcre empowers professionals to deliver exceptional reports efficiently and effectively. This successful proof of concept paves the way for future CE courses and opportunities to share Valcre’s expertise with professionals nationwide.

Valcre shared with attendees to this exclusive continuing education course in Western Pennsylvania the transformative impact of technology on the appraisal profession. Attendees gained valuable insights into the latest tools and resources available, empowering them to enhance the valuation process and save valuable time. Valcre’s commitment to innovation and education confirms its position as a leader in the field, and this pilot course serves as a stepping stone towards solidifying this position while finding new ways to empower professionals across the country. As the profession continues to evolve, Valcre remains dedicated to equipping professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to also be leaders in their field.

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