2-hour CE-eligible course

Technology for CRE professionals

Equip CRE professionals with the latest knowledge and tools to enhance appraisal reports and streamline workflow.

  • We cover the costs of attendance
  • We provide the speaker and materials

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Instructor: Mark Vella

Senior Software Engineer at Valcre and former commercial appraiser with almost two decades of experience.

Why this course?

With this 2-hour CE eligible course, we provide the speaker and materials, and cover the costs of attendance; you choose the property to inspect and apply for CE for your state.

Get answers to the following questions:

  • What technology tools are appraisers using now?
  • What are the negatives associated with slow adoption?
  • What technology can be used to streamline my process?
  • Which technology tools really increase productivity and which ones do not ?
  • How can you access your report data out in the field?

Sharing Experience

Provide real estate professionals with up-to-date expertise to optimize workflow efficiency


Discover the latest technology trends

Learn how peers are dealing with pain points and preparing and delivering a quality appraisal report in a timely manner.

Understand the pitfalls of slow adoption

The evolution of workflow methodologies in the face of evolving technology are directly related. Could slow adoption impede growth or impede attracting new talent? 

Learn how to stay competitive

Harness innovative tools and methodologies to enhance efficiency and deliver high-quality reports. 

Unleash the power of technology

Apply what you have learned in the field with a field inspection leveraging the latest technology, like Valcre’s inspection app

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