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Prelaunch 2
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Episode 6
Property tax appeals in a changing CRE market

As we head into recessionary economic conditions for commercial, appraisal and valuation professionals are adapting to the changing environment by diversifying their services to generate revenue. With demand for transaction-related services on the decline, we expect to see a substantial increase in demand for property tax appeal in the foreseeable future.


Do you want to know how to do successful property tax appeals? Tune in to Opinions of Value to find out.


In this episode you will learn why property tax appeals are such a prominent segment of the CRE industry and what experts are seeing in terms of activity level for property tax appeals.

Keep your eye out for a full version of the episode coming soon...

Episode 5:
Women in CRE Appraisal

The appraisal industry is in dire need of diversification. Studies continue to reveal that the appraisal workforce is dominated by men, while women remain underrepresented, especially in leadership positions.


What progress is being made to further diversify the appraisal profession? On this very special episode of Opinions of Value, series host and Valcre CEO and Co-Founder, Lucas Rotter, is joined by three indisputable leaders in the appraisal industry.


Tune in to learn about what led them to a career in the appraisal industry, some of the challenges they’ve faced and what steps they and their organizations are taking to ensure the appraisal workforce is more equitable and diverse.


Want to know recommended programs, resources and networks for women in commercial appraisal? Click here.

The primary benefits we have experienced while using Valcre’s software solution are efficiency related. We are able to focus on our analysis and product quality as the software eliminates redundancies and potential errors. The analysis and report templates are seamlessly connected with the web database which itself is highly intuitive. Importing third party data analysis files into the web database and/or analysis template eliminates countless hours of data entry and manipulation. One of the best qualities the system has is that it simply works. Not only is the software reliable but the customer support team is responsive and has quickly addressed our continuous requests to improve and customize our templates. We have enjoyed developing our relationship with the Valcre team and are excited to continue partnering with Valcre as our businesses grow.

Gary Brown, MAI (Houston, TX)

We have seen an overall increase in efficiency especially for industrial, retail and office appraisals. It only took 1-2 appraisals to get accustomed to using Valcre. For the individual appraisers, their total production has increased. Our clients are very happy with the templates. It is a sophisticated presentation that the industry needs. I cannot imagine doing appraisals now without it.

Matthew Reynolds, MAI (San Diego, CA)

Their staff is extremely responsive and always helpful with any questions and feedback. I appreciate their drive to continue to improve upon their product since we work in an ever-evolving industry. It’s great to know that in Valcre we’ll always have a friend in the industry whose mission is to promote mutual success.

Greggie D. Pascual, MAI, ASA (Washington DC)

Valcre has saved a tremendous amount of time, up to 30-40%, to produce a report. My billings have increased 10% even though I work less hours now. Clients love seeing the salient details in one spot, while still having a summary report. I would absolutely recommend Valcre, it has restored my work/life balance.

Andy Ruffner, MAI (Washington DC)

I have found Valcre's web-based platform to be intuitive and easy to use with a seamless import of data into the Excel Templates. Also, with the way the Valcre Team has integrated the Excel templates and Word documents, I have found it very easy to add some of my own customizations to suit the unique characteristics of my market and special use properties.

Curtis J. Bedwell, MAI (Kauia, HI)

Valcre allows us to complete reports in half the time it used to take. A recent example was a client calling in a panic after another appraiser had turned in a report they had to reject. They needed a new report on a two-story mixed-use project as fast as possible, and charge whatever I wanted. Valcre allowed me to complete the report in three days, even though I had to confirm all new comparables for the assignment. This was an assignment that used to take me seven to 10 days to complete. With the efficiency that Valcre provides, I was able to meet the client’s requirement thereby securing a long-term relationship as their “go-to guy”. Thanks, Valcre!

Joe Creech, MAI, ASA (Seattle, WA)

Using the Valcre platform has enabled our medium-sized company to bridge the technology gap with the larger valuation firms competing in our market space. It allowed us to transition from outdated processes and technology to a state of the art database and report writing platform in a very short time period. We tried other platforms, only to get bogged down in difficult implementation and customization. Valcre has been ready to go from day one, and has been as fully customizable as we want to make it. The Valcre team has been very helpful - conducting trainings, answering questions, solving problems, and creating a network of users that has become a valuable resource. Our reports look great, are unique, and communicate at a high level, all while improving our efficiency and productivity.

Chad Plaster, JD, MAI (Portland, OR)

I have been a Valcre user since November 2016 and since I started using this platform my production has increased. The database is far better than any other database on the market. The features in the report writing is like nothing else on the market. The integration of the demographics, market analysis, and employment data saves an incredible amount of time. What I believe is the best feature or tool of Valcre is that it is fully customizable and can be used for all property types. I have had the opportunity to use software and databases for a national appraisal firm and I can say without a doubt is Valcre levels the playing field.

Jay R. Porter, MAI (Little Rock, AR)

I've been an appraiser/consultant for 20 years but worked only for others. Starting a new business is daunting enough; outfitting myself with a productivity platform as robust as that provided by CBRE or Colliers gave me greater confidence that I could hit the ground running with my clients and has allowed me to efficiently expand before the end of my first year, thanks to Valcre.

Michael Lester, MAI (Baltimore, MD)

Software works great with no bugs. Links are well orchestrated. All three products (Word, Excel, and Online Database) work great together. The mapping software is excellent with great geocoding ability. Great support. Always get my questions answered very quickly. Continued development and add-ons. Customized templates specifically for my company.

M. Colt Jones, MAI, SRA (Weatherford, TX)

We moved to Valcre from a provider that couldn't provide a reliable, turn-key, or modern product - Valcre checks all the boxes. The database is intuitive and the datasheets it exports are organized and editable. The search functionality within the database is better than competitors and it continues to improve. It is easy to export datasheets, summary tables, maps, or your raw database data. All platforms of the software are reliable - we haven't had a single issue with the software causing productivity delays. Support staff is typically quick to answer questions or respond to comments. The no-contract pricing system is also very attractive to our small firm. It has integrated features for demographics, survey data, and market analysis at the click of a mouse. As our clients continue to demand more, Valcre is meeting those client requirements efficiently with its modern product. Clients have provided great feedback on our report presentation on multiple occasions. We are extremely happy with the switch to Valcre.

Drew Hawkins (Houston, TX)

Valcre has been an invaluable tool for our business. We are completing orders quicker, and with fewer errors. More than one client has commented how much they like the new reports, and the new charts and graphs are really informational.

Aaron S. Ingram, MAI, SRA (Valparaiso, IN)

Episode 4:
State of the appraisal market

As we near the end of a transformative year and talks of a looming recession are in the air, this episode is a must for you to tune in. The appraisal industry is more susceptible to business disruptions during economic downturns.


Do you want to know what leaders within the appraisal industry are seeing and what strategic moves they're making?


We’ve got you covered with invaluable insights from three indisputable industry leaders who discuss the current state of the real estate appraisal industry and share their actionable insights on how you and your team can be on top of your game during this uncertain time.

Want to quickly scan what the episode was all about? Click here.

Episode 3:
Technology adoption in commercial real estate appraisals

Companies within the appraisal service industry are adopting new technology and ways of doing business. It is well known that there are different competitive advantages when it comes to leveraging industry technology. Oftentimes, adopting the new technology cuts down on the time it takes to process data, and provides critical pieces of information to the client.

Episode 2:
The future of office

The sector has experienced its fair share of disruption, and office owners, investors, and financiers continue to read the tea leaves to assess if occupier demand will ever return to pre-pandemic levels. Now, we’re finally starting to see the dust settle and for some, optimism is beginning to fade.

Episode 1:
Valuing commercial real estate during a global pandemic

Valcre is excited to announce that we’ve launched a new video series called “Opinions of Value” where we have real conversations with thought leaders about topics affecting our industry. Our CEO and series host Lucas Rotter will sit down with new guest speakers each episode to talk about trends, the future of the industry, and more.


Demand for valuation professionals is at an all-time high and commercial real estate appraisers are taking on more jobs and working longer hours as a result.

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