What sets a commercial real estate appraiser apart from the rest? Speed and accuracy. As technology advances, clients expect quicker turnarounds, crisper presentations and a higher caliber report. It is therefore the role of a commercial appraiser to meet this demand by investing in a system that will enable them to do more with their data and better showcase their analysis.

Even as talks of a looming recession swirl, there is no time like the present to invest in technology and features that will set appraisers up for long term success. Valcre’s report-writing software provides structure, consistency, presentation and a full suite of innovative features unlike any other product on the market. Leveraging Valcre’s industry-leading appraisal technology is the recommended approach for appraisers looking to stay ahead of the pack.

Trusted by many industry leaders, Valcre empowers appraisers to be at the top of their game, deliver reports on time and ultimately solve important challenges. Valcre’s engineering and product teams are hyper-focused on evolving the platform and making enhancements to features and the database to ensure users get the most value out of their data every step of the way. 

Valcre was built for appraisers, by appraisers so it is truly structured to withstand the test of time.

Read on to understand more about Valcre’s robust array of features and how they work together to save appraisers time and stress, and make them more money.

Valcre features

Lessen stress

As a leader in data protection and information security, Valcre knows how crucial careful data handling is for appraisers. Valcre’s ISO 27001 certification puts minds at ease, reassuring that user data is safe-guarded and protected to the highest degree. The ISO 27001 is the leading international standard for information security; and no other commercial real estate appraisal software company in the game is currently ISO 27001 certified. Valcre is on the cutting-edge of data security so users can continue to expect stronger, more sophisticated security updates.

Unlike a lot of tech companies, users can count on Valcre to not only listen to user feedback, but implement it too. Recently, Valcre has made many “quality of life” improvements based on direct customer feedback. For example, notifications have been added to the web app, with push notifications on the way. Appraisers already have enough on their plate—Valcre reminds users about upcoming deadlines, active jobs and more so they don’t have to.

Also, users now have enterprise-grade authentication and security features in place, such as enterprise SSO, that saves time by simplifying the management of login information and passwords. Gone are the days of stressing out over lost time hunting for passwords. Login information is stored and protected, while still preserving the most top-notch security

More improvements are to come. Valcre will never stop listening to users. We have an ear to the ground and are hungry to support continued updates to reduce stress for users and the industry at large.

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Save time

Valcre’s unmatched data creation, storage, organization and management empowers greater ability to do things in a quicker fashion. Clients are expecting quicker and quicker turn times. Valcre’s time-saving software is the secret weapon for appraisers looking to keep up. 

One of the best parts about Valcre out of the gate is the quick onboarding process. Valcre’s intuitive software makes it easy for new users at every stage of their technology enablement journey to quickly adapt to and embrace the system. It takes some users 10 reports or less to feel fully up to speed and ready to run with the platform. 

Our client success team is continuously evolving the onboarding process even further to empower users to be up and running in no time. We’ve added various video guides all throughout the web app to aid with the onboarding process at every step. Users find these tutorials especially helpful when they’re just starting out and when they need a refresher on a feature or integration. All Valcre users have access to an elite and very responsive product support team via live chat, phone, and email. They will provide additional support with troubleshooting and navigating the web and mobile app. 

The system provides users a ton of flexibility and almost infinite custom report and custom field filter options so users can drill more effectively into their data. No other product on the market comes close to the functionality Valcre offers. Users are empowered to make choices within the system to display and pull in only what is applicable to their project, analysis or individual situation.

Technology is moving faster than ever before. Valcre’s free mobile app allows users to input and handle key data and information on the fly. The sophisticated mobile app has expanded to include features such as photo galleries, custom exports, and the ability to create and share datasheets. Tablets and iPads now support the mobile app as well. No other product on the market comes close to the functionality of Valcre’s mobile app. Users never skip a beat with Valcre in the palm of their hand.

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Make more

Valcre’s state of the art report writing software helps appraisers compete with the larger firms for work. A final report exported from Valcre is crisp, professional, and impressive to clients. Higher quality reports means more business.

There’s a lot more complexity and diversity around asset classes now in the commercial real estate industry. Valcre’s templates support a wide range of projects and property types that go far beyond the core property groups. There is a lot of opportunity for appraisers to take on more projects and expand their business with a platform like Valcre that contains fully-baked templates for 16 property types.

Other products on the market claim to support every property type however, they require that the user manipulate templates themselves to make them work. Valcre’s full suite of property templates are ready to use out of the gate. New property types supported by Valcre now include hospitality and eminent domain, which brings Valcre to 16 total property types. Appraisals for emerging property types, like adaptive reuse, and underperforming assets are expected to be in high demand, which is good for those looking to expand their business and make more money.

Along those same lines, new integrations with QuickBooks and AR exports make it easier for Valcre users to get paid by their clients. Valcre now includes invoicing through the system, which saves a ton of leg work for bookkeepers and those chasing down payments.

Valcre Assist is a feature available to all Valcre users designed to offer a helping hand to users on the front-end. They enable appraisal groups of all sizes to better leverage their time so they can focus more on complex appraisal issues, as well as finding and confirming the right comps.

Valcre Assist consists of a team of highly-qualified human support specialists that complete front-end tasks for users. They get reports set up, and complete the zoning, mapping and demographics for an immediate area. By the time a user is then ready to get started on a project, all of the front end work is done and they can jump in and expand on what Valcre Assist has already completed. Users save a ton of time and are able to take on more work as a result of Valcre Assist’s built in support.

With Valcre Assist users get the benefit of having resources on demand that use their same systems. Valcre Assist is especially helpful for those looking to trim back on resources and those who aren’t ready to pull the trigger on hiring a full-time assistant. Valcre Assist can help you during your busiest times, and then if you have a slow month, you don’t have to worry about having to cover a salary or their draw that month. Users get more done with less people using Valcre Assist.

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Valcre Assist

Lastly, Valcre helps appraisers save more and make more money because it optimizes appraisers other subscriptions and applications. Valcre helps extract data from other apps which ensures users are getting the most bang for their buck and taking full advantage of their investments. Valcre’s full suite of integrations are the secret sauce that allow for pulling data and records into reports in a matter of seconds.

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Q1 is the perfect time to be thinking about how to upskill and create more efficiency for your business. Valcre’s unmatched features, functions and technology save time and headaches, and earn appraisers more money in the long haul. Investing in Valcre means investing in an appraisal engine that will launch your business into the future.

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