A CRE tech influencer is a standout individual, team or company changing environments, practices and minds in the commercial technology field

Valcre, the premier valuation software for the commercial real estate industry, is proud to announce its been named a 2023 Influencer in CRE Tech by Real Estate Forum.

Trusted by more than 300 leading organizations as the gold standard for appraisers, Valcre’s web, mobile app, and valuation models provide a game-changing end-to-end solution for appraisal workflow.

Valcre is designed to make a historically cumbersome process more seamless for commercial appraisers, including everything from property research and data entry to developing custom reports for client-specific valuation assessments. More than 50,000 commercial real estate appraisals, worth greater than $50 billion, are delivered annually.

As the market leader in appraisal software, Valcre’s overall purpose is to simplify what is a very complicated, time-intensive process for commercial appraisers, however it accomplishes more than just that. The company and its co-founders have effectively educated this segment of the market on the significance of modern technology adoption to improve the appraisal process, take on more business and appeal to young talent.

Being named a CRE tech influencer is a major milestone for Valcre as it seeks to continue penetrating the commercial real estate appraisal market, driving technology adoption and attracting the next generation of talent to the profession.

Valcre leverages different social media platforms, with a special mention of LinkedIn and TikTok, to connect with their target audience and build a community online with a combined social media audience of over 3,000 followers. Valcre’s goal is to empower appraisers to run their own business and get their time back so they can do more of what they love, leaving an immediate positive impact on vast networks of people far beyond commercial real estate.

Valcre is regularly sponsoring conferences, meetings and other gatherings for top professionals in the industry. The company also takes pride in bringing focus on supporting women in commercial real estate. While the onset of the pandemic presented a challenge for the vast majority of the real estate industry, Valcre navigated that storm by working closely with new and existing customers to ensure the platform solved for all of their pandemic-induced needs, thereby tripling its business since 2020 and growing its customer base by 2X.

Valcre is both honored and humbled to be named an influencer in the technology space, and look forward to sharing more exciting updates about the problems Valcre is solving for the commercial real estate appraisal space.

Valcre has developed and perfected a product that genuinely addresses the real needs of appraisers. Talk to sales to learn how you could complete 1-2 more reports per month in 90 days or less with Valcre.