Valcre has unveiled an upgraded onboarding framework focused on optimizing client training for seamless integration. This refined approach entails a series of four targeted training workshops, enabling clients to proficiently navigate the valuation software while ensuring a manageable learning curve. Ideal for larger teams, this tailored training initiative guarantees a scalable and efficient onboarding experience.

Purpose and timing

Valcre’s training workshops serve the fundamental purpose of introducing you to the Valcre product and ensuring you have a strong grasp of your workflow. This onboarding process is scheduled during the Kick-off Call, aligning your training with the implementation of Valcre for your office.

Valcre’s Training plan overview

Valcre’s commitment to delivering best-in-class support and ensuring customer success allows clients to concentrate on their core operations and achieve peak performance:

Session 1: Database Basics

In this foundational workshop, users learn how to navigate Valcre’s cloud-based data system and load subject properties, jobs, and comps. By mastering these skills, users will be able to effortlessly pull data into Excel and Word templates, streamlining the report creation process.


Session 2: Excel Excellence

Building upon the database workshop, users discover how to export data into Valcre’s Excel templates. This session covers data customization and addresses common areas where questions might arise.


Session 3: Word Warriors

Users learn how to elevate their Valcre skills by bringing Excel templates into Word for creating comprehensive reports. This workshop will cover data export, adding additional files, and ensuring reports are client-ready.


Session 4: Report Readiness

In the final workshop, Valcre guides users in putting it all together. Users will create a report, troubleshoot common questions, and learn how to check retention in a safe environment.

Additional touch points

At Valcre we believe continuous learning and support, even after the workshops are completed, is vital for our clients long term success. Ongoing data collection and customization are integral components of your onboarding journey, enabling skill refinement and adaptation to your specific needs.


From training workshops to comprehensive support, every facet of your onboarding journey is tailored to ensure a seamless and effective experience.

Our upgraded onboarding structure is designed with your success in mind, providing a scalable and supportive approach to learning. Request a demo today to delve deeper into Valcre’s onboarding structure and learn how you can successfully launch and excel with Valcre in just six weeks.

PS: Stay tuned to explore the array of elements that contribute to our holistic onboarding approach, all designed to empower your team for success.