appraisal industry events recap

Valcre’s Client Success team held a two-day customer success (CS) team meetup in Portland, Oregon. The two-day event was focused on optimizing the onboarding process for new customers. The main goal was to ensure that new users feel confident with the platform and can easily navigate it. This is a critical part of any software company, and Valcre is no exception. The customer success team is responsible for helping customers succeed with the product. The meetup provided an opportunity for them to discuss best practices and strategies for onboarding new customers.


The meetup was attended by members of the customer success team, who work closely with customers to ensure they are getting the most out of the product. They discussed various aspects of the onboarding process, including how to streamline it, ways to improve communication with new customers, and how to provide them with the resources they need to learn the platform quickly. They also talked about the importance of setting expectations for new customers and making sure they understand how the product can help them in their work.


One of the key themes that emerged from the meetup was the need to equip customers with the tools and best practices they need to be fluent with the Valcre platform. The customer success team emphasized the importance of providing customers with the resources they need to generate a report within their first 30 days of using the product. This is a critical milestone for new customers, as it helps build confidence in the product and sets them up for success in the long run.

In addition to the discussions around onboarding, the customer success team also hosted a team and client event dinner. This provided an opportunity for the team to spend time with existing and prospective clients, and to break bread together. The dinner was a great way for the team to connect with their clients on a more personal level and to get to know them better.


Overall, the Valcre customer success team meetup in Portland was a success. Valcre’s customer success team is dedicated to helping customers succeed with the product. They understand the importance of providing customers with the resources and support they need to learn the platform quickly and effectively.

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