1. What is Valcre Assist and what is included? Do I have to buy Valcre Assist with the platform?

  1. Valcre Assist is a virtual appraisal support service uniquely tailored to Valcre users and more broadly to the needs of commercial real estate appraisers who want to both maximize their use of Valcre and streamline the appraisal report writing process.
  2. Valcre Assist is a seasoned and experienced team of commercial real estate data researchers.
  3. The service includes front-end report preparation, comparable data entry, and other ad hoc data entry and research services.
  4. Valcre Assist is recommended with your platform subscription as many of our clients find that Valcre Assist helps with their adoption of the platform as well as freeing up their valuable personal time.

2. What constitutes the need for Valcre Assist vs. onboarding?

The onboarding is a one-time service to get you up to speed with Valcre’s full suite of features. Valcre Assist is a white glove service designed to support the front-end tasks of your reports.

3. What are the front-end tasks Valcre Assist helps with?

The front-end report is Valcre Assist’s most comprehensive service. It is designed to bring Valcre’s clients closer to the finish line of the appraisal report writing process by providing all research, data entry, and template preparation for everything from basic property information (i.e. assessments, property records); ownership/recent sales history; local area and site information; zoning; taxes; ESRI demographics; parcel, flood and zoning maps.

4. How much does Valcre Assist offload and what is the turnaround time?

  1. The deliverables include:
    1. Valcre app job and property entry preparation
    2. Excel and Word templates prepared with the research and data as mentioned above;
    3. Supporting research files
    4. Valcre Assist’s job summary
  2. Delivery times for the front-end report service will vary based on the quantity of reports ordered and Valcre Assist’s current workflow. The Valcre Assist team strives to meet demand and time-service needs of each client and will work with you according to your needs.