Worth Valuations

Who they are


Worth Valuation & Advisory Services is a minority-owned commercial real estate
appraisal firm specializing in valuation services for multifamily, mixed-use
apartments, and land assets in the greater Los Angeles Market. They provide
appraisals for SBL (small balance loans), construction, bridge, and agency loans. They
also perform expert testimony for tax appeal, and litigation support, as well as
conduct review assignments, and rent comparable studies. They are considered
Southern California’s “Most Trusted Multifamily Appraisal Team.”

The company was established in June 2022 by Pedro Chin and George Koiso, MAI,
who together have nearly 50 years of combined experience appraising many of the
region’s highest-profile assets while building CBRE’s largest valuation team nation-
wide. Worth is a 9-person firm, currently comprised of 6 ex-CBRE licensed appraisers,
2 Valuation Associates, and a coordinator.

Their first tasks were to re-build the infrastructure that supported them in the
corporate world. They needed technology for a database, administrative support, and
the production of their assignments.

What they do


The Worth team knew they needed a reliable report-writing software, so they
reached out to their extensive network of industry colleagues for feedback. The vast
majority of those they reached out to recommended Valcre, but the team didn’t know
if the platform would work for their unique needs, so they researched all of the
available platforms. After reviewing the third-party services and after much
consideration, Worth chose Valcre because of its ability to customize templates, and
data entries, plus their support services. They were able to complete their first report
just a few weeks from opening their firm.

Valcre is user-friendly, with customization options for creating new data fields and
other features. Valcre provides a scalable solution that streamlines appraisal tasks.
Valcre supports Worth, and in return, they can serve their appraisal clients better.

With Valcre, Worth Valuation:

Worth grew from one to eight Valcre users in less than one year. The company
completed more than 150 reports in less than 12 months with the help of Valcre.

Without Valcre, it would have taken much longer to complete their assignments.
Based on their experience, the transition to Valcre has been positive, is continually
improving, and yielding more productivity.


As a growing valuation firm, we at Worth have had the pleasure of using Valcre for our appraisal needs, and it has been a catalyst for increased productivity. Valcre’s platform has simplified and streamlined our entire valuation process, allowing us to focus more on appraisal and delivering high-quality appraisal
services to our clients and less on the technological functionality of how you can get your reports done. Valcre is a scalable solution.
” – Brett Walsh, Partner at Worth Valuation & Advisory Services