Company details

Company type: Independent real estate valuation advisory firm
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Valuation focus: Valuation, Consultation, Litigation Support, Property Tax Review, Appraisal Review, Lease Audit


Poirier and Paquet Valuation Advisory Services was established in 2023 by industry veterans Louis Poirier and Dominique Paquet with a vision to provide professional, independent, and non-bias advice to clients across the provinces of Québec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

The team is renowned for providing an exceptionally high level of service to both private clients in local markets, as well as large institutional clients and corporations holding country-wide real estate assets or managing portfolios without the necessary local market information, knowledge or presence.

Louis Poirier, Partner, has had an impressive appraisal career spanning decades, holding senior positions at global firms including CBRE and Colliers. Through this extensive experience, Louis and partner Dominique Paquet were very familiar with appraisal report writing software. They knew they wanted to use the technology in their new practice to give them a professional edge.

Enter Valcre.

The situation:
Poirier & Paquet look for appraisal software to power their new business

We test drove a number of different report writing software platforms and we landed on Valcre, not because we’re high-volume or power users, but because of the functionality, the look, the feel, the ease,” says Louis Poirier, Partner.

When searching for a powerful appraisal software, Poirier and Paquet discovered that Valcre was being used by both clients and other appraisal companies in different geographies. They decided to try it out, among other options.

Ultimately, they decided to move forward with Valcre. Through his experience with best-in-class software in his prior roles at CBRE and Colliers, Louis knew what he was looking for. He identifies Valcre’s extensive functionality, and look and feel, as well as its database feature and interconnectivity as primary reasons behind the decision.

“I can now have the same tools as the monster companies have. It levels the playing field in that respect,” says Louis.

The impact:
Valcre helps Poirier & Paquet complete high-quality appraisals in half the time

“If you’re slow, Valcre is going to save you half the time. If you’re reasonably quick, it’ll blow your productivity out the window compared to where you were,” Louis Poirier.

In making a decision to move forward with new software to support their transition, the Ascendant team spoke to other appraisal firms and investigated a number of different appraisal tools. Ultimately they decided that Valcre stood out against other software offerings on the market. “We really needed a large, established firm that had proven software in order to move forward. That’s one of the reasons we decided to choose Valcre,” says Josephine.

With Valcre, the Poirier and Paquet team have access to the most advanced appraisal technology, enabling them to work more efficiently through every stage in the appraisal process and ultimately deliver high-quality appraisals faster.

Specifically, Valcre helps the Poirier and Paquet team:

Create new sales comparables quickly

With Valcre, Louis is able to enter sales comparables into the Poirier and Paquet database, including pictures – in 10 minutes, compared to the hour it took him previously.

“You’re going to wonder how you ever got along without it, because it’s such a timesaver,” says Louis.

Analyze properties and produce reports faster

With Valcre, the Poirier and Paquet team selects the templates they need, depending on the property type they’re working on. The templates then populate in the format and layout the team prefers.

Valcre enables Poirier and Paquet to connect their database to their Excel files where they can complete their income and cost analyses. Once complete, the information then flows through to their Word documents, populating the majority of the report so it’s ready for the team to review and finalize.

“Valcre gets us to 80, 85 percent and then we go through and double check to make whatever adjustments are required,” says Louis. “Even if you’re slow, it’s going to be a 50 percent time saver.”

Get questions answered quickly and comprehensively

Valcre’s customer support team has ensured that when the Poirier and Paquet team have questions, they’re answered quickly and comprehensively. The team doesn’t get blocked trying to complete a report – instead they’re able to move forward with ease.

“Probably one of the best features is that when we have questions, they’re answered right away and by actual real people. Yes, you’re chatting with them, but it’s a real person who’s there and is giving you the answers. Time’s money, so for us, that’s a big time saver,” says Louis.

Poirier & Paquet establish a thriving independent practice – powered by Valcre

“As I’ve repeated to several regional company owners who have asked about our experience – I said, just make the leap to Valcre and then wonder in a month or two how you ever got along without it,” says Louis Poirier.

The Poirier and Paquet team have embraced appraisal technology and, paired with their expertise and deep local knowledge, established an impressive appraisal company that goes the extra mile to provide exceptional professional services to its clients.

“Putting Valcre in the hands of appraisers so they can do better work quicker, that’s a win-win situation. You can have the best quality, the best service, or the best price but you can’t have all three. Thanks to Valcre, I can provide superior quality and service, and be competitive with the bigger players,” says Louis.