Our Customers Are Satisfied

Every day, thousands of appraisal orders are tracked by appraisers from all over the world. They include commercial appraisers from large and small companies alike.

From constant improvements and updates, to new feature implementations, we are always listening to our customers so that we can help them build a better business. Here’s what appraisers are saying.

"Valcre has saved a tremendous amount of time, up to 30-40%, to produce a report. My billings have increased 10% even though I work less hours now. The client feedback with the templates has been very positive, notably with the Executive Summary table. Clients love seeing the salient details in one spot, while still having a summary report. I would absolutely recommend Valcre, it has restored my work/life balance and still allowed me to increase billings. You guys rock. Best investment I’ve ever made. You’ve made my business run so much smoother than other appraisal software. I love the site. It’s making things easier for me to track as opposed to using a spreadsheet to see what jobs I am working on.”
Andy Ruffner, MAI, RSG Commercial, Inc. in Wasington D.C.

“We have seen an overall increase in efficiency especially for industrial, retail and office appraisals. It only took 1-2 appraisals to get accustomed to using Valcre. For the individual appraisers, their total production has increased. One appraiser in our office has billings about 10% higher; Valcre has definitely been a part in those higher billings. Our clients are very happy with the templates. It is a sophisticated presentation that the industry needs. I cannot imagine doing appraisals now without it.”
Matthew Reynolds, Vanguard Realty Advisors in San Diego,