Tips for Onboarding a Real Estate Appraisal Platform

pexels-sora-shimazaki-5668479Advanced appraisal software, such as Valcre, offers several advantages over traditional appraisal workload and report writing processes. It will save your organization's appraisers time and effort in creating reports so that you can spend more time appraising commercial properties, among many other benefits. 

But, like any new software or process, there is an adjustment period as the new system is brought on board. This doesn’t have to be a painful and challenging process, though. 

By paying attention to a few key areas, you can create a smooth transition to a better working environment. 

Two main areas require focus: The people in your organization and the operational processes of your business. Educating staff about the advantages of the new software and how it will benefit their daily work is essential for team buy-in. Equally important is adequate training so that users are as comfortable as possible with the new software. 


Get buy-in from staff.

Enabling staff to feel happy and confident about the new software will greatly improve the training process, as people tend to be more engaged when they are happy at work, which leads to improved business results. 

Before rolling out the software, have the vendor sit with each team and walk them through the relevant parts of the program. This will give staff a better understanding of the software to familiarize themselves with it before entering real-world situations and applications. 

Be honest about the work required.

Often a vendor will try selling their package as not requiring a significant commitment from team members. Be upfront about the need to get your team comfortable with the software, and ensure the vendor understands that you need a detailed project plan. A full understanding of the process and needs required will allow you to better communicate these needs to your team. This, in turn, will allow you to better prepare them for the transition to the new system. 

Create a project team.

Y0u’ll need somebody at the executive level to ensure the overall success and adoption of the project. Assign a manager to move the project forward and ensure continual progress. Subject matter experts who can contribute their knowledge about various processes within the company will help reach milestones. 


Get organized.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Switching to a new software system requires plenty of work. But with the proper organization from the outset, the transition doesn’t have to be a frustrating, messy process.

Ask the vendor what information or resources are required so that you’re not missing anything. Being fully prepared will help to minimize complications as the onboarding develops. 

Ensure data integrity.

It can be tempting to implement processes in parallel, but if one process relies on the data of another, it makes more sense to complete the process discretely and linearly. At the same time, it’s important to focus on inputting quality data, as incomplete or poor data will lead to poor results.

Ensure complete and accurate data at each step.

When onboarding a new tool, it’s essential to start with the best possible information to establish future success. 

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