Empowering Your Commercial Appraisal Business with a Reliable Database

A commercial appraisal business of any size needs to be organized and streamlined with digital methods of keeping track of client information. Having all relevant data on a centralized platform facilitates smooth function and informed decisions, which are crucial to determining the proper value of a commercial property. There are several elements of advanced database functions, like those of Valcre, that allow for effective appraisals. 

Templates and Document Creation

The software programs at Valcre offer a wide range of expertly premade document templates. All templates are compliant with the regulations of USPAP (the American Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and CUSPAP (the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Customized, Convenient, comprehensive, and specialized templates are available to speed up processes in commercial real estate like retail stores, multi-family residences, and industrial properties. These are then digitally enabled for the importation of pertinent data, like comparison prices.  

The three most common methods appraisers use in determining property value are supported within the configuration of these templates. This allows for easy recording and analysis of all information gathered in the field and elsewhere by appraisal businesses. The appraisal method based on sales comparison is supported by linked EGRM, or Exponential Random Graph Model, analysis capabilities. This gives the option to create visually engaging charts to pass along to clients. The second of the common approaches, the cost method, is rendered in Valcre programs with visible numbers on hypothetical replacement costs for a property, taking into account depreciation. Thirdly, the income approach method of analysis is clearly shown with careful calculations of the net capital gains of an establishment divided by the capitalization rate.

Clients can build off of templates and customize them for every need. Logos and branding details are easy to add and make documents personalized. As Valcre’s documents are based on Microsoft Word there are lots of stylistic choices for tailoring. Furthermore, charts and tables can be easily integrated and synced, alongside photos, maps, and analyses from other sites and ESRI software. 

Accessible, Modular Data Storage

Valcre infuses its services with secure cloud synchronization, making all data and documents accessible from anywhere. Any work done outside of the database, alongside website information, like comparable stats, can be imported smoothly. The cloud, securing data with 256-bit SSL encryption, allows clients to have peace of mind that their data is secure from loss and malicious hacking. The comprehensive capabilities of the database then equip appraisal businesses with in-depth tracking of active and completed jobs, client information, all associated properties, sales and lease comparable data, and all-important points of information on leases and expenses for relevant real estate. 

A comprehensive database like Valcre’s is heavily based on varied modules that streamline use. Separate dashboards provide thorough organization for the daily duties of appraisal professionals. Professionals can also easily perform information searches. This facilitates finding reports of both past and present appraisals' complete records with attached files like sales reports, pictures, and notes. Mapping capabilities go hand in hand with in-depth searches, helping to locate and compare relevant real estate sites.

Comparables are another huge area of appraising for which the database promotes smooth management.  already entered into the database can be easily pulled up to perform market value comparisons. By using specific search keywords and filtering using information like sales, leases, building type, price range, surveys, and income/expenses, professional appraisers can get a better understanding of current valuation projects. Comparables and their associated documents can also be effortlessly adjusted. Professionals need only set base adjustments, and all relevant comparable reports will automatically follow suit. Furthermore, adjustments can be thoroughly customized for tailored functions and results. 

Reach out to the technical experts at Valcre today to better equip your commercial appraisal business with specialized software. By using their in-depth, yet user-friendly programs, compiling and analyzing essential appraisal data is a breeze.